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As a business consulting boutique, Wodan & Co is committed to sustainable entrepreneurship and supporting companies during growth spurts or restructuring. But Wodan & Co is more than that: our consultants are as much committed to the person behind the company as to the company itself. Because an entrepreneur who has peace of mind and is sure of his business is all the stronger at the helm. Sustainable change is achieved faster with a personal approach, not coincidentally our biggest strength.

The team

Wouter Danckaert

Founder & Strategy Consultant

A visionary business leader with a passion for entrepreneurship and a love for chocolate and cycling.

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Björn Hassert

Strategy Consultant

A strategic thinker, world traveller and certified barista, who volunteers as a career coach and spends most of his spare time with his two kids.

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Shana Egaña Viteri

Business Consultant

An efficient and organized consultant who even makes her brain work in her spare time with all kinds of board games.

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Maxime Driesen

Business Consultant

A cheerful consultant who loves to motivate people and has a competitive side that she shows especially when playing tennis.

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Wolf Logist

Business Analyst

A sporty and ambitious consultant who, after a hard day of work, can be found in his music studio.

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Arno Vermeulen


A young writer from the sugar city with a love of music and a penchant for semicolons and good food.

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New talent is always welcome at Wodan & Co. 

Not sure if you'll fit in with the team? Feel free to send us a message via LinkedIn or email.

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