Tips: Working as a team

Starting entrepreneurs often have limited experience in leading a team. Especially for start-ups, it is not always obvious to make the jump from a one-man business to a team. Many business owners experience difficulties because they do not yet dare to let go and want to take everything into their own hands. What you do yourself, you sometimes do faster and better, but a team can make sure that you are not overwhelmed by administrative tasks and day-to-day activities. A few tips to create an efficient team dynamic:

Be present 

Make sure you are mentally present and giving your full attention in everything you do. Don't be the person at a team meeting who is more concerned with answering emails than with what is going on in your team. Listen to what's going on with everyone, what everyone's week looks like, and actively look for ways to make each other's work easier. Don't lose yourself in the details: it's not your job to solve everything, but it is important that you are aware of what exactly is going on where.

It is not your job to fix everything

That presence can also prevent further conflicts. It is inevitable that things will go wrong here and there, but complaining and pointing fingers does not help anyone. Take your own responsibility by, for example, discussing certain bottlenecks at your weekly team meeting and anticipating what might go wrong.

Create engagement

Sharing is caring, and there is much truth in that message in teamwork as well. Dare to share responsibility with team members and build a corporate culture that encourages cooperation. By creating a safe space, where both new ideas and frustrations can be discussed, you avoid misunderstandings and ambiguities. Most mistakes made in a team are due to miscommunication, a lack of clarity or a closed working environment.

Transparency is therefore one of the key words in building an efficient, but also positive team. If your goals - and those of your company - are clear, it will also be easier for employees to keep these goals in mind and want to realise them together.

Involving your team also has a more practical meaning. Many entrepreneurs tend to keep the important customers to themselves, often out of fear of a bad outcome, but this also prevents your team from developing. Involve your team in both your story and that of your customers, and you will notice that it is more pleasant to work for you as well.

Show respect 

Respect on the shop floor must come from all directions. Especially in a smaller company, where the team often consists of only a handful of employees, respect is the basis for smooth cooperation.

If an agreement is made, it is important that everyone stands by it. Make sure your meetings are punctual, try to implement structural changes as quickly as possible and always be ready to respond to internal struggles or uncertainties. Although this may sound like an obvious tip, a remarkable amount of efficiency is lost in small companies due to stiff communication and unnecessary disagreements.

These tips are just a small sample of the possible advice and strategies on working in teams. Teamwork makes the dream work, and successfully navigating such collaboration can make the difference between a small team gasping for breath and a company that can continue to grow smoothly without losing time and money to unnecessary inefficiency.

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