As a growing company, our team is constantly expanding. Interested in working at Wodan & Co? Take a look at our vacancies.

Business Consultant

We are always looking for motivated consultants to help Wodan & Co thrive. Do you see yourself in this role? Check out the vacancy and contact us.

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Feel free to send us your CV and motivation; we will see if we can put you to work. If so, we will contact you shortly for an interview.

Do you fit into our team?

In principle, it does not matter what kind of education you have had and how far your experience reaches. However, there are certain values that we adhere to, to ensure that we are all on the same page and can continue to write the story of Wodan & Co together.

  1. Responsibility: you determine the limits of your own growth, but each team member does take on a certain responsibility. This means that you must also be able to work independently and dare to put your own ideas on the table.  ideeën op tafel durft leggen. 
  2. Customer focus: The personal aspect of our approach means that the focus is always on the customer's welfare and success. We are committed to our customers together, at every moment of our collaboration. 
  3. Problem-solving: Being part of the team also means learning to deal with problems creatively and being prepared to immerse yourself in uncharted waters.
  4. Growth cultureOn a personal level as well as on a corporate level, you will be part of a growth culture. Each at their own pace, but with the same goal in sight: self-improvement and growth, not only as an employee, but also as a person.
  5. OndernemerschapAlle voorgaande punten en nog veel meer, dat is de kern van ondernemerschap. Nooit opgeven, maar keihard werken aan de beste versie van onszelf.

    Or to use Wouter's favourite slogan: just do it and do it and do ituntil the job gets done. 

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