The Convincing
Company Compass

By Wouter Danckaert

“The Convincing Company Compass” is a guide for all entrepreneurs who have lost the north for a while, or are looking for inspiration and advice to become a better entrepreneur.

In this book, you will travel through the Aspiration Mountains, the Approach Business Park, the Arguments Lab and Attitude City, getting a lot of tips and user-friendly worksheets on your way. This journey will make you look at your company’s operation from various perspectives, stimulating and aspiring you to get started as an entrepreneur. By the time you finish the book, you will hopefully realize the power of a convincing business and know how to make it a not to be underestimated player.

About the author —

Introducing Wouter Danckaert, a true explorer in the world of business from day one. Born with a compass pointing straight to entrepreneurship, he has acquired training and experience, becoming a globetrotter in the sphere of sustainability and business growth. Page after page, let him guide you, providing insights of the business world and sharing learnings from his entrepreneurial adventures.

“The Convincing Company Compass is complete and not only helps the entrepreneur to write a business plan, but also gives many interesting tips to everyone who is involved in sales. Well-known theories have been adapted to contemporary entrepreneurship and the book offers interesting new perspectives for already known techniques. It is well structured, clearly constructed and pleasant to read.”
— Roel Vanmaele, COO Distrilog Group


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