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As an entrepreneur, you´re committed to making a positive change in the world. Your expertise, energy and investment make the dream come true. But generating a steady stream of income, growing the business and amplifying your impact is not easy on your own. Wodan & Co is here to assist you in building a sustainable and convincing company. Together, we go for gold!


You are the expert in your field. We don’t want to interfere with that. We are experts in our field, and that’s where we´re eager to help you maximize your impact. To reach your goals, we´ll first help you strategically (re-) focus your business. We´ll guide you through the enhancement of your company´s operating model, widen your market reach, diversify your revenue base and enhance your margins. We also know our way around designing, building and running an effective and efficient organization, which lets you unlock your focus, time and creativity for all those other game-changing dreams, plans and projects out there!

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Company orientation

As a company leader it is important to have your future horizon front of mind. Based on your long-term goals a strategy is built right now. A strategy that is ambitious yet achievable. It might feel daring and adventurous right now, but it surely makes you stand out from The Rest in the long run!
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Commercial optimisation

Being in business means you have to earn your customers’ trust every single day. You have to be totally credible and authentic to attract customers. But, you have to be equally convincing to keep them. Customer focus and hard work makes the dream work!
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continuous organisation

You cannot do business on your own. You are always surrounded by other people you work with. Building smooth operations where all stakeholders know their job and fulfill it with passion and ownership, that’s how you can spread your wings and fly!




As strategic advisers, we take care of your strategy design, business planning, business model innovation, go-to-market strategy and market research.


As business coaches, we help you make the game-changing leadership, strategic and personal choices that will let you make a difference.


As executive interim managers, we´re ready to step up and take the responsibility to co-lead your business, supercharge your sales and engage your stakeholders.


We deliver trainings, workshops and keynotes for companies, professional institutions and business networks, on all things business related.


We serve as go-to partner for companies that want to expand their business overseas, ensuring managing and developing their global presence.


We use our broad business network to actively connect clients with potential partners, for example through our community building.




Companies that are active in the field of business efficiency design, develop, sell and/or maintain solutions for other companies to make their lives easier, more focused, more profitable, etc.

Typical customers we work with are software companies, industrial process improvement design companies, robotics and AI companies, machine builders, etc.


Flexamit is an IT solutions provider based in Kontich, Antwerp. We started to work with them when they were a team of five. We guided them strategically, organizationally and commercially.

Nowadays, the company has about 30 employees and revenue growth has been about x10 in five years.  

We continue to support them as strategic partners and commercial managers



A lot of challenges lie ahead of us to (re)design our core infrastructure to tackle the challenges of climate change, demographic boost and migration, international political unrest, etc.

Therefore, we work with companies who aim to unlock their full potential in areas like construction, mobility, energy, aviation & aerospace, etc.


FLUX 50 is a Belgian innovation ecosystem focusing on the energy transition and supporting cross sector collaboration between Energy, IT and construction companies.

In 2021, we helped them to redefine Flux 50’s positioning and strategy, to develop a business plan and a clear organizational lay-out. Due to this exercise where the whole team was involved in the workshops, a new drive to grow the membership and the amount and impact of the projects has been found.



Professional services companies are often founded by experts in their field. After the launch and the first successes in their own network, they discover the opportunity and the drive to grow the company. But to capture that growth new skills and different ways of working are needed: a game-changing vision, a people-focused leadership style, and a customer-centric organization are needed to catalyze deep transformation.

Customers in this field are active in legal and finance, communication, HR, organization, management support, etc.


Billycom is a fast growing content studio in Leuven. The company was founded as a copywriting studio, but evolved over time to add new skills and abilities to the client offering.

In 2022 Billycom reached an important milestone when they were hiring their 10th employee. At this point, they understood that things needed to change: a management structure, clear positioning and a continuous offering needed to be developed. Therefore, they reached out to Wodan & Co.



As the world around us is in continuous change, we constantly need to adapt to a new and different reality. What got us through to Yesterday may not be relevant anymore Tomorrow. Throughout our careers we need to develop the openness and capabilities to permanently absorb new skills, behaviors, knowledge, and technologies.

We guide companies that are active in the field of training. Next to that, we also act as trainer performing in company trainings, lecturer in colleges and universities or coach for business networks.


The Turnhout based training company Noa Trainings specializes in safety and security trainings for construction and logistics companies. After building a business plan together, we were asked to help the company implementing the plan. We stood up, first as operational manager, later on as general manager to help structuring the organization, boosting the commercial results and preparing the company for the future. With a +30% growth in sales after one year in a very competitive market the first steps look promising. Let’s continue on this path.


After the shock of the COVID pandemic, a lot of entrepreneurs in the Hospitality & Retail sector need to reinvent themselves. What will be the future of my business? And how will I protect my business when a similar incident happens in future? How do I make sure I have alternative income streams to rely on?

We work with ambitious players that want to extend their reach in these difficult and sometimes underestimated sectors.


When the pandemic hit, we were developing a new business plan with the Milis sisters to relaunch their fathers’ old catering company. After two years of waiting and planning, finally we could take off in 2022. It has been a blast: from nowhere to EUR +1mio in revenue in one year! What an achievement! But, this success came with a lot of challenges: hiring people, organizing the team, developing management skills, finding new locations, etc. We are coaching and guiding and helping the Hartichoc team as much as we can.


To tackle the global challenges and reinvent these as sustainable development opportunities, new products and solutions need to be ideated, developed and launched. No society, economy or industry across the globe is excused from the need to look for more sustainable and circular alternatives.

We assist companies developing sustainable products and solutions in the sectors of fashion, design, construction, mobility, etc.


Eauzon is a company based in Ostend. They developed the recycled plastic based construction panels Repeat. With these panel they build sustainable and circular ‘wet rooms’ for hotels, housing cooperatives and other facilities.

We helped Eauzon defining their business strategy and coached them during the implementation of the business plan.


Wodan & Co is a team of seasoned business experts, successful entrepreneurs and C-Level managers. Based on our vast expertise and global experience, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to create lasting impact. Never losing sight of the bigger picture and strategic horizon, we take ownership and hands-on action to find, develop and implement those tailored solutions that fit your unique organization. We push when necessary, we brake as needed, to keep the optimal balance between growth and well-being.

The company is the brainchild of Wouter Danckaert ↗︎, hence the name Wodan & Co. Wouter is a serial entrepreneur, lecturer at various universities, keynote speaker and author of the management book ‘The Convincing Company Compass’.

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WODAN & CO Canada — 127 Delaware Avenue, M6H2S9 ON Toronto — BIN 1000434568 — RPR Toronto

WODAN & CO BV — Ninovesteenweg 198/19, 9300 Aalst — BE0754.881.120 — RPR Dendermonde

WODAN & CO Canada — 127 Delaware Avenue, M6H2S9 ON Toronto — BIN 1000434568 — RPR Toronto